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Professional Psychic Clairvoyant Medium

Energetic Healer

Coaching Souls Since 1999

Asheville, North Carolina USA

Joette Shaffer

When Becoming Energy Conscious,

It's Not About What You Don't Know,

It's All About What You Want To Know...


The Evolution Of The Soul Comes In Many Forms...

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To book a personalized live video reading please email me at


$111.00 USD

   In my psychic readings I channel messages along with using tarot, oracle cards and pendulum.  My readings also include Akashic Records, past life energy, present energy, future energy, soul purpose, life purpose/path, astrology, numerology and connecting with loved ones who have crossed over.



$222.00 USD

I use Mystical Shamanic practices and traditions to channel the ancient spirits.  In this reading we will dive into your shadow energy.  We will look to see where you are blocked and what is keeping you from your true purposeful abundance. This also a beautiful way for preparation work towards any scared plant medicine ceremony.


$222.00 USD

   We will be pulling four different records from your Akashic Records.  This will involve tapping into past lives on earth, other planets and other dimensions.  This will help guide you and help project you onto your spiritual path for this lifetime.  It also helps you understand past lessons that you have lived through and for some understand tragedy and loss.



$222.00 USD

    In this session we will take a look at the frequency that has been damaged or blocked on a quantum level using sacred geometry and how it has played out in this lifetime and also past life.  From there we will blend crystals together to use in the healing mask that has been designed for that specific frequency.  We will also be accessing the Akashic Records on this specific frequency.

**Includes a Divine Healing/Meditation Mask and a personalized crystal healing pouch**

(shipping included)


$111.00 USD per session 

(this is not a psychic reading)

    In our session we will connect with your higher self and channel your guides and ancestors.  We will be highlighting the energy you are to be practicing with and using on your spiritual journey.  This will aide you in many ways to use your gifts in everyday life or empowering your metaphysical practice or business.

Please email me for more information and scheduling.


$888.00 USD

    This is a 4 part workshop that will help you take a look at your life purpose and the gifts you came into this lifetime with.


    We all have a unique blue print that we carry from the time our energetic soul is created.  With each lifetime, whether it has been here on earth, on any other planet or in any other dimension, we experience lessons and hardships that create temporary blocks in our energy.  With this study we are able to look into what is the purpose of your creation, what gifts and talents you posses, where they were blocked throughout time and how to remove and reclaim what is truly meant for you.

    Each workshop will include taking a look into your Akashic Records, finding what frequency is needing healing and training on how to develop the gifts that  have been hidden from you.  You will receive in each workshop a special blend of crystals that are formulated for just your own healing to use with the Divine Healing/Meditation Mask that you will receive after your 1st workshop.  As an added bonus and to keep you on track, you will have four 15 minute check in readings to use between workshops or whenever you feel like you need to. 


    There are no expiration on the workshops and we will go at your own pace.

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